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Splynt Reaches 1000 Athletes

Athlete Using Splynt Application

For immediate press release:

Splynt, Inc. a health-tech company based out of Oklahoma City, OK now provides 24/7 virtual care and athletic training access to over 1000 student athletes across Oklahoma. Based on survey results from 2019, Oklahoma is the 2nd worst in the U.S. in athletic training access with 32% of schools having service, beating only Alaska at 14% access.

Splynt is a mobile and web based application that allows athletes to instantly face-time with licensed athletic trainers to be assessed and treated for injuries. Patients can get custom rehab plans, perform A.I. triage, track their symptoms/recovery, and even get referred to the best local providers in their area.

“Our goal has always been to improve the access and availability of high quality medical care to every student athlete in Oklahoma” states Splynt founder Heath Pratt. “No matter what you come from, who you play for, or where you live, everyone should access to specialized care.”

Injury data collection and treatment rates estimate that only 10% of sports injuries are evaluated and seen by providers and that every year millions of injuries go untreated. Splynt aims to combat this statistic and provide coverage to every athletic organization and school that has limited access to athletic trainers across the U.S. Not only does it provide a unique technology platform that connects patient to provider, but it allows athletic trainers to extend their reach and service area to many more athletes than before.

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