Is it time to ditch the ice bath?

Is cryotherapy or ice a regular part of your training regimen?  Recent studies are beginning to suggest that the traditional ice treatments may be hindering your recovery and putting your body more at risk for further injuries.  Cheng et al. (2017) found a direct correlation with the slowing of muscle recovery and fatigue resistance in the use of ice versus an increase in the speed of the factors with the… Read More »Is it time to ditch the ice bath?

What is your concussion plan?

Recent studies have begun to challenge the utility of prolonged rest as treatment for concussion. Leddy et al. (2016) & McIntryre et al. (2020) support increasing validity to the use of sub-symptom threshold aerobic exercises in both acute and post-concussive syndrome states (4 weeks post injury). Combining the current research updates and an evidence-based graded return to play, we’ve created a simple infographic that anyone to use. As always, concussions… Read More »What is your concussion plan?

And so the adventure begins

With unprecedented times comes an unprecedented solution to athletic healthcare. With the impact that COVID-19 has on sports and the current healthcare delivery models we decided it was time to improve the market. With the creation of splynt we aim to impact over 50,000 patients annually, saving them money and improving their health outcomes in the process. We hope you will join us as we create a community around the… Read More »And so the adventure begins