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The Future of Athletic INjury Care

Diagnose, treat, and improve your injury through data driven AI algorithms and leading sports medicine professionals. 

Artificial Intelligence

Free injury evaluations using the power of 15,000 reported injuries, outcomes, and treatments.

Athletic Telehealth

Connect with a sports medicine professional within 60 seconds to work you through your injury.

Leverage KNowledge

We give the knowledge and resources needed to make the right decision about your injury and get you back to health as quick as possible.

How Splynt Works

AI Injury Analysis

Our flagship service will predict your injury within 90% accuracy. This clinical diagnosis can give you a better understanding of your injury, saving you time and money on ancillary services. 85% of all athletic injuries don’t require any physician care. 

Athletic Telehealth

Urgent athletic healthcare is available at the touch of your phone within 60 seconds. Our highly qualified sports medicine professionals are available 24/7 to consult, evaluation, and recommend what to do when an injury occurs.

Interventions & Referrals

Our app consolidates all relevant data about your injury and will give you the best recommendations. If a physician recommendation is warranted, we will recommend the best fit in your area based on their expertise and patient experiences. 

What Our customers say

Splynt was extremely easy to use. It helped diagnose my sons ankle injury and he was back to playing in two weeks. No doctors visit and plenty of rehabilitation options.

Amanda Taylor

I used the splynt app when i was out running a couple of months ago. Within 10 minutes it told me what injury I had and helped me get a better understanding of it. My plantar faciitis was gone a month later!

Emma Velasquez

Our Cost Plans

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.

AI Injury Eval



References 15,000 data points

90% accurate prediction

Treatment and referral recommendations

Urgent Televisit



Connect instantly to a sports medicine professional

Video supported personilzed care and support

Customized professional recommendations based on your exact symptoms

Standard Visit



All the benefits of the urgent visit at a scheduled time.

Easy scheduling and most thorough evaluation

Customized recommendations based on current and past history